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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome To : Masjid Al Huda, Desa Manislor Kuningan

By Angelinhere

Heyho, here it is what we found when we would like to pray for Ashar in Kuningan, West of Jawa.

Welcoming The Uniquiness of Masjid Al - Huda, Desa Manislor, Kecamatan Jalaksana, Kabupaten Kuningan

There is too many sign at this Mosque..First of all you should see this :

This sign shown at the front gate

At Al-Huda Parking Lot

Represent Al Huda Mosque

When you see a details in the above picture you can find a " kotak amal" signing in form of "nisan kubur". Its a lil bit scary but then at the box it tells you that the box lead you to heaven...It shows us to spent some money for charity because of our own good.
There are still so many signage inside the Mosque, but then i couldn't bring my cellphone since the sign stated that "HARAM" to use cellphone inside the mosque so we should not bring it or just turn it off...

But overall, this mosque has so many uniqueness yet it have a fabolous clean surounding.
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